ub8优游登录_平台注册ISO 9001:2015 registered, AS9102 inspection protocol and familiarity with rigors of manufacturing for defense.


ub8优游登录_平台注册Award winning metrics for both quality and delivery. Over 70 years experience supplying the defense industry.


With thousands of parts supporting US warfighters, Jade excels when measured by this ultimate quality standard

ub8优游登录_平台注册We build products to exacting military standards in support of US warfighters with processes proven by the ultimate quality standard… successful deployment around the world. Our modern manufacturing plant, engineering support, extensive supply chain and experience with the rigors of supplying prime contractors allows Jade to provide unique solutions for your “build to print” requirements.

Just A Few of the Deployed Programs We Support

  • Aegis

  • Zumwalt

  • LCS

  • Tomahawk

  • SM-2 & SM-6


  • Patriot

  • AMDR

  • TPY-2

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